Make appearance an art, make quality brews

"HYH (hyh)" was founded in 1992 and is one of the pioneers of China's hardware industry. The brand hyh is named after the founder, Mr. Huang Yunhui and started in Guangzhou. It was mainly engaged in high-end and novel furniture handles and hardware products, covering the whole national hardware market, and exported to Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh and other countries.

Since the establishment of hyh, with high value and high quality as the brand definition and standard, insist on only doing the proud of "MADE IN PRC". The unique product structure combines the traditional Chinese mortise and tenon building culture, breaking the tradition of "valuing by weight" for hardware door locks. Open up a new and changeable two-piece combination model, which is comparable to the world-renowned door lock brand.

Change is the most beautiful interpretation of inheritance. It shoulders the cornerstone and responsibility laid by the first generation, and at the same time shows the uncompromising attitude of the second generation to life and the future. 30 years of precipitation, 10 years of second-generation tempering, the only shortcut is to be down-to-earth, and firmly believe that ordinary people can create extraordinary

Original design is to be different. It comes from the love of life and the pursuit of beauty. It makes the heavy and cold hardware beautiful, and also makes our partners different.

​Brand Introduction
Made in PRC

​Made in PRC is on the right track, with the advancement of the digital society, China's technology is also moving towards a boutique route.

When traditional industries meet the Internet,

The sparks from the collision began to ignite the enthusiasm of national brands.

​China design
Brand Core

​China has a rich and fascinating history,
It has high value for contemporary life.
There will be a change in the field of design -
New directions in design will be inspired by past cultures.
Learning from history brings new creativity,
This will have an impact on global society.
China cluture

Chinese design will continue to promote creativity in cultural and social fields with the increasing trend of lifestyles, dematerialized and de-modeled forms.

In the future, new practices and new cultural demands will spawn more interesting and influential Chinese designs.

China design will become an important reference in the global design discourse system

MISSION:Let people who believe in us achieve what they can't believe

VISION:To be China's first enterprise with the ability in door handle manufacturing, trading and designing

Passion, Creation and Superego

Halo, is never the only; change, is just to step back and re-start.

Here, no “perhaps” “maybe” or “I thought”, that just “we can”.

Frustration, doubt, abandon, stubbornness is the cornerstone towards progress.

We are one group, one team and one dream.

Innovation is no longer our nickname, it proves we are still young.

R&D is no longer our pride, it is the value we create for you.

hyh innovation never stops for you.

A draft is like spark collided by first and second generation.

Each imaginary line is the ultimate extension of infinite inspiration.

As tiny as a common screw, but all are indispensable.

We are ordinary people doing every ordinary thing with simple material just for the extraordinary masterpiece.

Open the door, feel those exquisite hyh story with your heart through your hand.

Your dream comes true from hyh.